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In the event one does experience a civil matter, we have experienced attorneys who are diversified in all aspects of  business, real estate, and general litigation matters.  Our team of business experts work on matters ranging from mergers and acquisitions to general corporate compliance.

Our real estate division works with both small business owners and investor groups in matters ranging from lease preparation to zonnig disputes.  KLF also has a group of litigators who have experience in and who focus on special litigation issues. 


Business and real estate legal matters are complex and can take years to resolve, which is stressful, intimidating, and overwhelming.  Let our team of attorneys and legal staff help educate you through the process to help provide comfort and confidence in the legal process.  Our primary corporate objective is to lay the proper foundations within each company to prevent litigation in the future.  For individuals, our objective is to educate the client on the entire legal process to make educated decisions. 


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