KLF    The Katz Law Firm P.C.

                                             attorneys AT LAW Georgia-New York

Area of Practice 


       BUSINESS                                                         REAL ESTATE

Corporate Structure                                                 Lease Preparation 

Contracts                                                        Builder & Developer Agreements

Business Analysis                                                           Zoning 

Licensing Agreements                                                   Litigation 

Corporate restructuring                                         Conformation Actions

Mergers and Acquisitions                            SPECIFIC LITIGATION MATTERS

Bank Negotiations

Asset Purchase Agreements

Private Placement Memorandums 

Collaboration with Financial Planners, Accountants, and other Professionals >

After years of litigation, corporate operations, and developer experience, it has become apparent that the best advice that a client can receive, is only after they have had a group of professionals working on their behalf to be able to identify all the pieces of the puzzle.  KLF works hands on with financial planners, accountants, and other professionals to develop action plans to prevent future surprises and to help protect what one has worked so hard to obtain.  


>Settled and negotiated over $500,000,000.00  in commercial and residential bank debt.

> Closed the sale of over $100,000,000.00 in business. 

>Rezoning of over 5,000 residential units and lots

>Obtained tax abatement districts and other developer incentives.

>Participated in cases in Utah, New York, Wisconsin, Florida, new Jersey, Pennsylvania 

>Licensed by the state of Georgia and New York